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Migratory dispositions

Once you arrive in Tijuana, you might find the need to cross the U.S.-Mexico international border.  So, we recommend that you bring your international passport along with a valid visa. If you are not a resident, you will not be able to process this document in Tijuana. If you plan to stay on Mexican soil for more than seven days, you will need to process your tourist visa, which cost approximately $220 Mexican pesos. If your stay is planned for less than seven days, you will only need to register, at no cost, in the immigration office directly across the border.


If you acquire products in the United Stated and you wish to introduce them into Mexican territory, by land or air, you are allowed to import daily, tax-free, merchandise for personal purposes, for $50, and may be accumulated amongst direct family members inside the vehicle.

Please take the following into consideration:

  • You may go through the Auto Declare lane when you exceed your $50 franchise.
  • Medical instruments require a permit by the Secretary of Health.
  • Three liters of alcohol and three liters of wine are allowed, as well as two packs of cigarettes and 25 cigars for foreign residents from the interior of the country.
  • Repetitive merchandise for commercial purposes must be imported. Paperwork should be through a customs broker or import-export agent.
  • The $300 franchise is valid only during Easter week, and during the summer and winter holiday season. This does not apply on merchandise that will be mailed.
  • You are required to declare if you are carrying 10,000 US dollars in cash. 

For more information:
Tijuana Customs
Local phone number (664) 624-2200

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